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Mezzi Paccheri | èViva Pasta with Re-Milled Semolina Artisanal pasta bronze-drawn with 100% Italian Wheat - Slow Drying

Mezzi Paccheri | èViva Pasta with Re-Milled Semolina Artisanal pasta bronze-drawn with 100% Italian Wheat - Slow Drying 500g

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Cooking Time: 12 Minutes.

èViva Mezzi Paccheri is a tribute to authentic Italian culinary tradition. Made with high-protein Italian wheat, they boast a rich and distinctive flavor. Unlike other pastas, èViva Mezzi Paccheri contains wheat germ, a precious source of nutrients often omitted.

Bronze-drawing gives a rough surface, ideal for holding sauces, and slow drying preserves nutritional properties and promotes digestibility.

èViva Mezzi Paccheri embodies the love for Italian quality and tradition.

Purchase them today and savor the authentic taste of Italian pasta.


Our Pasta: A Journey of Flavor and Quality

Transforming Puglia's Golden Wheat: Our Sustainable Pasta Production

The golden expanses of Puglia offer fertile growth ground for our pasta. The durum wheat we cultivate with so much pride and passion, feeds on this soil, respecting the principles of Voluntary Integrated Agriculture. Through this environmentally conscious method, we combine organic and conventional practices to produce high-protein wheat (>14%), absolutely free of pesticides, glyphosate, and mycotoxins. We collaborate closely with seed companies, carefully selecting the most suitable wheat varieties for our unique soil and climate. With a biennial rotation practice with legumes, we contribute to enriching the fertility of the soil. Our wheat is harvested only when it has reached the ideal moisture for preservation, and is then carefully stored in Big Bags, following organic storage criteria.

The Magic of Transformation: From Wheat to Whole Body Durum Wheat Semolina

This is where the magic happens: we transform our wheat into remilled durum wheat semolina, preserving the precious Wheat Germ. The semolina we produce, derived from high protein wheat, is in turn rich in protein. This brings a significant improvement to the pasta texture and minimizes the release of starch during cooking. The result is a pasta with an elastic and consistent character, which maintains a remarkable structure and does not stick.

Our Production Process: Extrusion, Drawing and Drying for a Perfect Pasta

We use a low-pressure extrusion process for pasta, preserving the gluten network structure, preventing any damage. We proceed with bronze drawing, which gives the pasta a rougher surface, ideal for better absorbing sauces. Finally, to preserve the nutritional and organoleptic properties of wheat, the pasta is slowly and low-temperature dried.

The Final Masterpiece: The Uniqueness of Our Pasta

The wheat germ, the essence of our pasta, is a concentrate of essential nutrients: it
is rich in amino acids, fatty acids, minerals, B vitamins and tocopherols (vitamin E), providing protective and anti-inflammatory benefits for the body. The resulting product is a pasta with a distinctive flavor, emanating the intense aroma of wheat, cooking quickly (from 8 to 12 minutes, depending on the shape) and maintaining optimal cooking, offering the digestibility of traditional pasta. Here are the distinctive traits that make our pasta a unique experience:

  • Environmentally respectful cultivation, based on the principles of Voluntary Integrated Agriculture.
  • Use of highly protein durum wheat, totally free from pesticides, glyphosate and mycotoxins.
  • Transformation of wheat into Whole Body Durum Wheat Semolina, enriched with Wheat Germ and fibers.
  • Low-pressure extrusion and bronze drawing to ensure the perfect structure.
  • Slow, low-temperature drying to preserve nutritional integrity.
  • Inclusion of Wheat Germ, a treasure trove of nutrients.
  • Quick cooking time for always al dente pasta.
  • Unmistakable taste and superior digestibility, just like old-fashioned pasta.

High Quality Ingredients for the Semolina Rimacinata

Ingredients: Our remilled semolina is produced from durum wheat grown and milled directly in Italy, to which we add only water.

Information Note on Allergens in the Product

Allergen Information: Please note that the product contains gluten. It may also potentially contain traces of soy and mustard.

A Unique Taste Experience with Our Pasta

Our pasta is a product of the land and passion, a taste journey that combines tradition and the pursuit of quality, for a one-of-a-kind experience.

Versatility of Mezzi Paccheri in the Kitchen

Mezzi paccheri is a short pasta shape, very similar to rigatoni, but larger in size. As the name suggests, "half" paccheri are practically paccheri cut in half. This type of pasta is particularly loved in southern Italian cuisine, especially for its versatility. Indeed, mezzi paccheri can be used in numerous preparations, with various condiments.

  1. Mezzi Paccheri with Lamb Sauce and Spices: The robust flavor of lamb blends well with the warmth of Arabic spices such as cumin and coriander. This type of sauce can be an interesting pairing for mezzi paccheri.
  2. Mezzi Paccheri with Yogurt and Mint Sauce: The combination of yogurt and mint is a classic of Arabic cuisine. It might be interesting to try a version of this sauce to dress mezzi paccheri.
  3. Mezzi Paccheri with Vegetables and Ras el Hanout: Ras el Hanout is a blend of spices used in many Arabic recipes. It can be used to add an exotic flavor touch to a simple vegetable sauce for pasta.
  4. Mezzi Paccheri with Harissa: Harissa is a spicy chili paste used in many North African recipes. It can be used to add a touch of heat to mezzi paccheri.
  5. Mezzi Paccheri with Lamb and Hummus: Hummus is another key component of Arabic cuisine. It might be interesting to try using hummus as a base for a pasta sauce, perhaps paired with browned lamb pieces.
  6. Baked Mezzi Paccheri with Cheddar and Ham: This is a variation on the classic "mac and cheese", a dish very popular in England and the United States. You can create a cheddar cheese sauce, add pieces of cooked ham, and then bake everything to get a golden and crispy crust.
  7. Mezzi Paccheri with Curry Sauce: Curry is very popular in England, due to the influence of Indian cuisine. You can create a curry sauce to season the mezzi paccheri for an interesting fusion dish.
  8. Mezzi Paccheri with Peas and Bacon: This is an adaptation of the classic English dish of peas with bacon. You can prepare the peas and bacon in a creamy sauce to serve with the mezzi paccheri.
  9. Mezzi Paccheri in Vegetable Soup: In England, pasta is often used in soups. You can add mezzi paccheri to a vegetable soup for a hearty and comforting dish.
  10. Mezzi Paccheri with Smoked Salmon and Sour Cream: Smoked salmon is very popular in England. You can combine pieces of smoked salmon and sour cream to create a rich and tasty dressing for the mezzi paccheri.
  11. Mezzi Paccheri with Salmon and Dill: Salmon is very popular in Scandinavian cuisine. You could try dressing the mezzi paccheri with pieces of fresh or smoked salmon and a bit of fresh dill for a simple but delicious dish.
  12. Mezzi Paccheri with Shrimp and Sour Cream: Shrimp is another common ingredient in Scandinavia. You could create a sauce with shrimp, sour cream, and maybe a pinch of lemon, and serve it with mezzi paccheri.
  13. Mezzi Paccheri with Mushrooms and Bacon: During the fall, wild mushrooms are very popular in Scandinavia. You could try dressing the mezzi paccheri with a mixture of sautéed wild mushrooms and pieces of bacon.
  14. Baked Mezzi Paccheri with Herring and Cheese: Herring is a very used fish in Scandinavia, especially pickled or smoked. You could try making a baked pasta using herring, cheese, and perhaps a bit of grated bread for the crust.
  15. Mezzi Paccheri with Beetroot Sauce and Goat Cheese: Beetroot is a much-loved vegetable in Scandinavia and could be used to make a sweet and earthy sauce for mezzi paccheri. Goat cheese would add a nice contrast of flavor.

Guide to Perfect Pasta Cooking

Cooking pasta is an art that, if executed correctly, can make the difference between a good and an extraordinary pasta dish. Here is a series of steps that will guide you through the process:

  1. Water Measurement: To cook pasta to perfection, it's important to use the right amount of water. The general rule is to use 1 liter of water for every 100 grams of pasta. This is because pasta needs room to move and cook evenly. If the water is not sufficient, the pasta risks sticking together.
  2. Bring the Water to a Boil: Before adding the pasta, the water must reach the boiling point. This is important because if the pasta is added in water that is not hot enough, it will start to release starch too soon, making the pasta sticky.
  3. Add Salt: After the water has started to boil, it's time to add the salt. The amount of salt to use can vary depending on personal tastes, but a good general rule is to use about 10 grams of salt for every liter of water. Salt helps to flavor the pasta during cooking.
  4. Add the Pasta: Now it's time to add the pasta to the boiling water. Remember to stir the pasta right after adding it to avoid sticking.
  5. Cooking the Pasta: The pasta should be cooked according to the times indicated on the package. These times vary depending on the type and shape of the pasta. It is important to follow these times to get the right consistency, or "al dente".
  6. Taste the Pasta: Even if you follow the cooking times indicated, it's always a good idea to taste the pasta a minute or two before the suggested time. This will allow you to understand if the pasta has reached your preferred degree of cooking.
  7. Drain the Pasta: Once the desired degree of cooking has been reached, the pasta must be drained immediately to stop cooking.

Dressing and Serving: All that remains is to dress the pasta with your favorite sauce or condiment, and serve it hot. Whether you prefer a simple tomato sauce, an aromatic pesto, or a rich carbonara, the perfect dressing will give the final touch to your perfectly cooked pasta. Following these steps will guarantee perfectly cooked pasta every time. Bon appetit!

In conclusion, the versatility of mezzi paccheri makes them suitable for a variety of preparations, which can vary based on the season, personal tastes, or simply what's available in the fridge. Whether it's a vegetarian, fish, or meat dish, mezzi paccheri will always know how to best enhance the chosen condiment.

Remember: the key to delicious pasta is its cooking. By following these instructions, your mezzi paccheri will always be perfect!

Don't miss the opportunity to try our bronze-drawn mezzi paccheri. The authentic experience of the taste of Italian pasta is just a click away.

Order now and bring home the flavor of Puglia!

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