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Rigatoni | Artisanal èViva Pasta, Bronze-Drawn with Re-Milled Semolina - 100% Italian Wheat with Germ

Rigatoni | Artisanal èViva Pasta, Bronze-Drawn with Re-Milled Semolina - 100% Italian Wheat with Germ 500g

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Cooking time: 10 Minutes.

èViva Rigatoni is the expression of passion for high-quality pasta, made with 100% Puglian wheat and enriched by the precious wheat germ contained in remilled semolina.

This pasta undergoes a bronze-drawing process that gives it a unique texture, ideal for holding sauces.

The slow drying preserves the integrity of the wheat, revealing an irresistible fragrance and a rich, full flavor. Despite being a dry pasta, èViva Rigatoni evokes the authentic experience of fresh pasta.

The taste, aroma, and quality of èViva Rigatoni make it an indispensable addition to your pantry.

Don't waste time, buy èViva Rigatoni now and let yourself be conquered by the true flavor of Puglian pasta.


Our Pasta: A Journey of Taste and Quality

Cultivation: The Art of Growing Wheat

In the beautiful expanses of Puglia, our pasta takes shape. It comes from the durum wheat that we cultivate with pride and passion, following the principles of Voluntary Integrated Agriculture. In this environmentally friendly method, we adopt both organic and conventional practices to obtain a protein-rich wheat (>14%) and free of Pesticides, Glyphosate, and Mycotoxins. We collaborate with seed companies to select the best varieties, taking into account the characteristics of our soil and climate. Thanks to biennial rotation with legumes, we enrich the fertility of the soil. Our wheat is harvested only when it reaches the ideal moisture for preservation and is carefully stored in Big Bags according to organic criteria.

Transformation: From Raw Material to Final Product

But it is during the transformation process that the magic happens. We transform our wheat into Full-Body Durum Wheat Semolina, which contains the precious Wheat Germ and fibers. This flour, rich in proteins, improves the consistency of the pasta and reduces the release of starch during cooking, giving an elastic, firm, and non-sticky pasta.

High-Quality Ingredients for Remilled Semolina

Ingredients: The remilled semolina we use is produced from durum wheat carefully cultivated and ground in Italy, guaranteeing a high-quality product. Water is the other fundamental ingredient for preparation.

Allergen Information Notice in the Product

Allergen Information: Please note that the product contains gluten. Also, it may potentially contain traces of soy and mustard.

The Extrusion and Drawing Process

To preserve the quality of our wheat, we extrude the pasta at low pressure and draw it in bronze, preserving its organoleptic characteristics to the maximum and giving it a rough surface, ideal for welcoming any seasoning. Drying takes place at low temperatures (36°/44°) to keep all the grain's nutrients intact.

The Final Product: Our Pasta

The wheat germ, the heart of our pasta, is a mine of well-being: it contains amino acids, fatty acids, minerals, B vitamins, and tocopherols (vitamin E), offering protective and anti-inflammatory properties for the body. The result is a pasta with a unique flavor, which releases the intense scent of wheat, cooks quickly (8/12 minutes depending on the formats), and holds its cooking, offering the digestibility of the pasta of yesteryears.

Here's what makes our pasta unique:

  • Cultivation according to Voluntary Integrated Agriculture.
  • Use of durum wheat rich in proteins and free of Pesticides, Glyphosate, and Mycotoxins.
  • Transformation of wheat into Full-Body Durum Wheat Semolina with Wheat Germ and fibers.
  • Low-pressure extrusion and bronze drawing.
  • Drying at low temperatures.
  • Presence of Wheat Germ rich in nutrients.
  • Short cooking time.
  • Unmistakable flavor and excellent digestibility.

Versatile Uses of Bronze-Drawn Rigatoni

  1. Classic First Courses: Bronze-drawn rigatoni can be used in various traditional Italian first courses such as amatriciana, carbonara or bolognese. The use of this type of pasta in these recipes is due to its ability to hold sauces and make every bite rich and tasty.
  2. Baked Pasta: Bronze-drawn rigatoni are ideal for preparing baked pasta. Their tubular shape and their external ridges allow them to welcome and hold the sauce, cheese, and other ingredients, ensuring a balanced flavor in every bite.
  3. Soups and Stews: In certain regions of Italy, rigatoni is also used in soups and stews, adding substance and making the dish more filling. Their robust consistency holds up well even when cooked for a long time.
  4. Pasta Salads: For a lighter option, rigatoni can be used in pasta salads. Their shape makes them ideal for combining with a variety of ingredients such as vegetables, cheeses, and proteins.
  5. Stuffed Pasta: A more creative version of using rigatoni could be to make them into a sort of cannelloni, filling them with meat, cheese, vegetables, or fish fillings. The rough surface, drawn in bronze, retains the seasoning better, making the dish even more delicious.
  6. Mac and Cheese: Although traditionally Mac and Cheese is made with macaroni, rigatoni is a great alternative for a more substantial version of this classic comfort food. Their tubular shape is perfect for holding the creamy cheese.
  7. Bolognese Sauce: Even though Bolognese sauce is an Italian classic, it is very popular in England. Rigatoni is a great choice for this type of sauce, as their shape makes them perfect for holding the meat and sauce.
  8. Pasta with Cream and Mushroom Sauce: Another popular dish in England is pasta with a creamy cream and mushroom sauce. Rigatoni is perfect for this dish, as their hollow shape allows the sauce to penetrate inside.
  9. Pasta with Tomato and Sausage Sauce: This is another very popular dish in England. Rigatoni is ideal for this type of dish, as their shape and robust consistency make them a perfect complement to the sausage and tomato sauce.
  10. Makarona Bil Bechamel: This is a common dish in many Arab countries, especially in Egypt. Similar to lasagna, it consists of a layer of pasta (in this case rigatoni), a layer of minced meat or chicken, and a top layer of bechamel sauce. It is then cooked until golden.
  11. Pasta with Tomato and Spice Sauce: Rigatoni can be served with a tomato sauce enriched with traditional Arab spices such as cumin, coriander, and paprika. Legumes such as chickpeas or beans can also be added.
  12. Baked Pasta with Cheese: Rigatoni can be used in a baked dish, similar to mac and cheese, but with an Arab twist. It might include cheeses like feta or halloumi and might be enriched with spices like za'atar.
  13. Rigatoni with Yogurt Sauce: In some Middle Eastern cuisines, pasta is often served with a yogurt-based sauce. Rigatoni can be served with a creamy yogurt, garlic, and herb sauce.
  14. Fried Pasta: In some regions, pasta is fried and used as a base for salads or as a component in soups. Rigatoni can be fried until they become crispy and golden, and then used in a variety of dishes.

Why Use Bronze-Drawn Rigatoni?

Bronze-drawing is a process that creates a rough and porous surface on the pasta. This texture helps sauces and dressings adhere better to the pasta, compared to the smooth one obtained with Teflon or steel molds. Therefore, the use of bronze-drawn rigatoni is ideal when you want the seasoning to be well distributed and absorbed by the pasta. In addition, bronze-drawn pasta tends to cook more evenly compared to that produced with other methods. This means that you will have perfectly al dente pasta, with no parts too soft or too hard. Finally, bronze-drawn pasta has a slightly different taste, since the bronze-drawing process can give the pasta a fuller flavor and a more pronounced wheat aroma. This can further enhance the flavor of your pasta-based dishes.

Bronze-Drawn Rigatoni: The Satisfaction of a Tasty Dish

Bronze-drawn rigatoni is a culinary delight that stands out for its excellence. Thanks to their rough surface, they are able to retain the seasoning better, offering a satisfying taste experience. Here are some culinary indications to fully enjoy bronze-drawn rigatoni:

  1. Cook al dente: To fully appreciate the consistency and goodness of bronze-drawn rigatoni, cook them al dente. Make sure to use a sufficient amount of water during cooking. Generally, it is recommended to put 1 liter of water for every 100 g of pasta. This will ensure that the rigatoni cook evenly and maintain the right consistency
  2. Choose the ideal seasoning: Bronze-drawn rigatoni goes well with a variety of sauces and condiments. You can opt for a classic meat ragù, an aromatic tomato sauce, or a cheese-based cream. Let your culinary creativity run free to enhance the unique flavor of the pasta.
  3. Perfect pairings: Bronze-drawn rigatoni pairs well with a wide range of ingredients. Try enriching your dish with crispy vegetables like zucchini or peppers, savory meat like bacon or sausage, or creamy cheeses like ricotta or gorgonzola. Let the flavors combine harmoniously for an unforgettable tasting.
  4. Finish with a touch of freshness: To complete your dish of bronze-drawn rigatoni, add a touch of freshness with aromatic herbs like fresh basil or parsley. These ingredients will give a lively aroma and a vibrant taste to your preparation.

Remember, bronze-drawn rigatoni is a superior quality pasta that deserves to be appreciated with care. Experiment, explore new combinations, and enjoy the unique experience that only this pasta can offer. Buon appetito!

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