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Fusilli | èViva Bronze-Drawn Pasta - Slow, Low-Temperature Drying - Wheat Germ Pasta, 100% Made in Italy

Fusilli | èViva Bronze-Drawn Pasta - Slow, Low-Temperature Drying - Wheat Germ Pasta, 100% Made in Italy 500g

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Cooking time: 10 Minutes.

Discover the revolution of pasta with our Fusilli, produced in the heart of Puglia. We cultivate our wheat with passion, following the principles of Voluntary Integrated Agriculture for a product rich in protein and free from Pesticides, Glyphosate and Mycotoxins.

The transformation respects the nature of the wheat, obtaining a flour rich in the precious Wheat Germ and fibers.

We extrude the pasta at low pressure, draw it through bronze and dry it at low temperature, to preserve the organoleptic characteristics and give a rough surface, perfect for every sauce.

Try the pasta that maintains its cook and offers the digestibility of old times.

Taste the Fusilli of our land!


A revolution in pasta: our semolina with germ, our passion

Cultivation and care of wheat in Puglia

In the green expanses of Puglia, our pasta takes shape. It comes from the durum wheat that we cultivate with pride and passion, according to the principles of Voluntary Integrated Agriculture. In this environment-friendly method, we marry biological and conventional practices to produce a wheat:

  • Rich in protein (>14%),
  • Free of Pesticides,
  • Free of Glyphosate,
  • Free of Mycotoxins.

We don't just cultivate the wheat; we care for it like a child. We collaborate with seed companies to select the best varieties to grow, considering the peculiarities of our soil and climate. With biennial rotation with legumes, we enrich the soil's fertility. Our wheat is harvested only when it reaches the perfect moisture for preservation, and is carefully stored in Big Bag according to organic criteria.

From durum wheat flour to quality pasta

But it's in the transformation that the magic happens. We transform our wheat into Whole Body Durum Wheat Semolina, rich in the precious Wheat Germ and fibers. This Semolina, rich in proteins, improves the pasta's texture and reduces the release of starch during cooking, giving an elastic, consistent, and non-sticky pasta. To honor the quality of our wheat, we extrude the pasta at low pressure and draw it through bronze, preserving its organoleptic characteristics to the maximum and giving it a rough surface, perfect for every sauce. The drying takes place at very low temperatures (36°/44°), to keep all the nutrients contained in our Durum wheat semolina with germ intact.

The benefits of wheat germ in our pasta

The wheat germ, the heart of our pasta, is a mine of well-being:

  • It encloses amino acids,
  • Fatty acids,
  • Minerals,
  • B vitamins,
  • Tocopherols (vitamin E),

offering protective and anti-inflammatory properties for the body.

Quality pasta with fast cooking

The result is a pasta with an unmistakable flavor, which releases the intense scent of wheat, cooks in a short time (8/12 min. depending on the formats) and maintains its cook, offering the digestibility of old times pasta.

The result of our passion and research

Here is our pasta: a product of the earth and passion, a gastronomic journey that combines tradition and the pursuit of quality, for a unique experience.

High-Quality Ingredients for Remilled Semolina

Ingredients: The remilled semolina that we use is produced from hard wheat carefully grown and ground in Italy, ensuring a high-quality product. Water is the other fundamental ingredient for the preparation.

Information Note on Allergens in the Product

Allergen Information: Please note that the product contains gluten. In addition, it may potentially contain traces of soy and mustard.

Ideal gastronomic combinations for Fusilli

Fusilli is an extremely versatile pasta shape that lends itself to many gastronomic combinations. Here are some examples of recipes and sauces that enhance their taste and unique shape:

  • Vegetable-based sauces: Thanks to their twisted shape, fusilli can perfectly capture vegetable-based sauces such as zucchini, peppers, eggplants or spinach. Add extra virgin olive oil, garlic, and chili for an extra touch.
  • Genovese pesto: Pesto, with its strong and fresh taste, goes perfectly with fusilli. The addition of potatoes and green beans can make the dish even tastier.
  • Meat sauces: Meat sauce, be it classic, sausage or game, wraps perfectly around the fusilli, making it a hearty and delicious dish.
  • Fish sauces: Fish sauces like anchovies, tuna, or clams, pair wonderfully with fusilli.
  • In pasta salads: Fusilli are also perfect for cold pasta salads. Add fresh vegetables, olives, mozzarella or feta, and dress with oil and vinegar for a light and tasty summer meal.

Remember, the perfect combination also depends a lot on personal taste. Experiment with different ingredients and condiments to find the perfect combination for you!

Perfect cooking of bronze-drawn Fusilli: follow these steps

  1. Prepare the cooking water: For a perfect cooking of Fusilli, bring enough water to a boil. The ideal proportion is 1 liter of water for every 100 g of pasta.
  2. Add salt: When the water reaches boiling point, salt it generously with about 10-15 g of salt per liter of water. The salt will help to enhance the flavor of the pasta during cooking.
  3. Add the pasta: Pour the bronze-drawn Fusilli into the boiling water. Make sure to stir them gently at the beginning to prevent them from sticking together.
  4. Cook al dente: Follow the cooking time indicated on the Fusilli packaging. However, check their consistency a few minutes before the indicated time, as it is advisable to cook them "al dente", i.e., tender but with a slight resistance to the bite.
  5. Check the cooking: To ensure that the pasta is cooked just right, take one and taste it. It should be soft on the outside but still a bit resistant in the center.
  6. Drain: Once the desired cooking has been reached, drain the pasta using a colander or slotted spoon. Avoid rinsing them under cold water, as they will lose the starch that helps the sauce adhere.
  7. Season and serve: Transfer the pasta to a bowl or serving dish. Dress it with your favorite sauce or condiment, stirring gently to evenly distribute the sauce.

Now you're ready to enjoy bronze-drawn Fusilli with perfect cooking! Bon appetit!
Discover our Fusilli, the authentic expression of taste and passion for quality pasta. Try the perfect consistency, the combination with a myriad of sauces, and the uniqueness of the flavor that only our wheat can offer.

Don't wait, give your meals a touch of authentic Italian tradition with our Fusilli!

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