Authentic and Nutritious Food Products - Our Mission

Supplying Genuine Food

We were born and raised with a simple yet powerful goal: to provide authentic and nutritious food. Our mission is based on the belief that genuine food comes from healthy soil. We honor traditional recipes and apply meticulous processing methods to preserve the nutritional quality and organoleptic characteristics of food. Our passion is fueled by the belief that quality food comes from the fields.

Respect for the Environment and People - Our Vision

Shaping a Fairer Economy

"The world is not changed by criticism but by actions"
Raffaele Piano

We believe that the global economy needs to be rethought and redesigned, with a renewed emphasis on respect for nature and people. We see globalization not as a solution, but as a system to reshape. We support an ethical alternative based on three fundamental pillars: respect for the environment, respect for others' labor, and respect for the consumer. Learn more about our vision by watching our video here:

High-Quality Natural Foods - Our Products

Supplying Healthy Food

Our products are the tangible testimony of our dedication to high-quality natural food. This commitment has allowed us to make a name for ourselves in prestigious restaurants, select delis, wine shops, and in the homes of those who appreciate healthy eating and a lifestyle attentive to well-being.

Serving Agriculture for Generations - Our History

Tradition and Innovation in Agriculture

Our company was founded in 1966, but our family has been involved in agriculture for generations. Raised as the heir to a long tradition, I was prepared to continue the family path. Despite the challenges of this profession, I decided to explore new horizons. However, my father's passing led me to take up the reins of our company. Today, we control every phase of the process, from cultivation to sale, realizing a short supply chain.

Our Production

Supplying Authentic and High-Quality Food Products

Our main productions include:

  • Natural flours and semolina produced with live wheat germ,
  • Handmade pasta made with wheat germ,
  • Award-winning Peranzana monovarietal extra virgin olive oil, recognized as one of the best in Italy,
  • Peranzana olives in sea water, unique of their kind thanks to the traditional production method.