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Italian Extra virgin olive oil

An ideal terroir for the cultivation of olive trees, a good dose of expertise, love for nature, a pinch of madness and a lot of passion. This is how I would describe the reason for my love for the olive "Peranzana" and for the extra virgin olive oil I produce.

Producing Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a passion rather than a trade. From an early age I breathed the air of this fantastic world, which starting from the olive grove and the olive trees, brings on our tables our nectar of Peranzana, the "queen" of olives par excellence.

My father, who was also passionate, was able to transmit the sensitivity and desire, essential to manage a gift of nature so great, which allows me today to be a happy olive grower and satisfied with his work.

Our dream was to create an extra virgin olive oil of superior quality, able to enhance our cultivar (the "Peranzana") and our territory.

To achieve this we have wisely combining our love for the natural and the latest technological achievements trying to get the best out of our land.

In fact, from pruning to olive harvesting, from pressing to conservation, each phase of the production of Olio PIano is carried out with competence, care and rigor.

What results is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil which is currently recognized among the best in Italy. This year our olive nectar also presents a new packaging that allows us to better express its intrinsic characteristics: the quality and the passion behind it.