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Italian bronze drawn pasta

How are our pasta different?

The wheat and the semolina
Our wheat is grown in Apulia according to the prescriptions of the Voluntary Integrated Agriculture, a system combining the use of organic and conventional farming practices to reduce environmental impact and to produce high protein (protein >14%) wheat free of glyphosate and mycotoxins.

What we are doing

  • Working with seed companies, we carefully select (certified) wheat varieties to seed based on soil conditions in our territory and the results we want to achieve;
  • To improve the fertility of our soils, we apply a biennial rotation with legumes;
  • We use chemistry only if its absolutely necessary. We manage the cultivated land by creating from the right moment the optimal conditions to ensure the plant a sufficient capacity of self-defence;
  • We only harvest our wheat when it has reached the appropriate humidity level for preservation.
  • After pre-cleaning, we store it in organic Big Bags.

To protect the health of consumers, we are finally turning our high-quality durum into whole-body durum flour, which differs from common flour and meal by the presence of wheat germ and a minimum fibre content.

The transformation
Our “whole-body” durum wheat flour with high protein content (protein >14%) allows us to improve the texture of the dough and thus reduce starch leakage during cooking, which once cooked will be elastic, Consistent and not sticky.
We have chosen to extrude our dough at low pressure in order to preserve to the maximum the organoleptic characteristics and the bronze drawing to make it rougher, in order to bind perfectly to each seasoning.
At the end of the processing process, it is dried at a very low temperature (36°/44°) to preserve all the nutritional values contained in our whole-body durum wheat flour.

The pasta
Thanks to the presence of wheat germ, inside our pasta there are protective and anti-inflammatory substances for the organism. Wheat germ is a concentrate of nutrients such as amino acids, fatty acids, mineral salts, B vitamins and tocopherols (vitamin E).
The result is a dough that is cooked in a short time (8/10 min.), that keeps cooking, with an incomparable taste, able to release an intense wheat fragrance, preserve all the nutritional values and digestibility of the pasta.