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Natural Flour

Discover Flour èViva: 100% Natural and Professional

Our Philosophy: Health and Naturalness

Health is at the center of our production. We strongly believe in the importance of a healthy and natural diet to preserve well-being. Our company philosophy is based on ethical production, offering consumers a healthy, wholesome, and digestible product without any additives or artificial substances that could cause allergies, intolerances, or health issues.

Flour èViva: The Pride of Our Production

Our Flour èViva, obtained by exclusively grinding Puglia wheat (No mycotoxins, No glyphosate), is the pride of our production. When we produce it, we have one goal in mind: to make it reliable and high-performing. We cultivate high-protein strength grains and, by skillfully blending batches of wheat, we obtain a consistent flour over time.

The Production Process

We transform our wheat into flour and semolina without removing the wheat germ (untreated germ) and without adding chemical additives (such as improvers and dry gluten), making the final product naturally digestible.

The result? A unique flour!

Why Choose Flour èViva

There are essentially four reasons to choose our natural flours and semolina with wheat germ:


  • Our flours do not contain unwanted ingredients such as chemical additives, pesticide residues, and glyphosate.
  • All our flours and semolina contain live wheat germ (untreated), which enriches them with vitamins and minerals.
  • We do not cultivate or use GMO grains.
  • Our company has always aimed to produce real food that is obtained primarily in the field and then through careful study of transformation processes that preserve nutritional values and organoleptic characteristics.
  • Our completely natural flours are also tolerated by those who suffer from Gluten Sensitivity (gluten intolerance, not celiac disease).


  • Our company does not believe in globalization but believes that there is a different way of doing business, a way that respects nature and people. Our vision is to spread this new way of doing business, where ethics are paramount.
  • We respect the environment by using organic and integrated farming methods, protecting native varieties and biological diversity.
  • We respect the consumer by cultivating naturally and producing healthy food because food not only nourishes us but also prevents and treats our ailments.
  • We use eco-friendly and practical packaging.


  • All our flours and semolina are produced from high-quality Puglia wheat.
  • The wheat is grown on our own land or purchased from other local farmers with whom we have established an ethical pact (short supply chain).
  • Our company is currently able to provide the name of the wheat grower, batch, and plot of land where each batch of flour was produced.


  • A Flour that gives users of Flour èViva the aroma and taste of wheat, a sense of lightness, and extremely easy digestion.

Flour èViva: An Excellent Product

Our flours are what consumers demand and are a valid alternative for those who want to stand out in a flat market with an excellent product. They meet the market's needs for a 100% Italian, 100% Natural, highly digestible product that is even tolerated by gluten intolerant individuals. Ideal for direct and indirect doughs, for short and long fermentations and/or leavenings, our flours are an added value for your product and your company.